Enjoy Wearing Shoes Indoors? 3 Tips To Ensure That Your Shoes Don't Damage The Hardwood Floors


Wearing shoes indoors can come with some problems since shoes can often track inside grime such as rocks and dirt that could ruin your hardwood flooring. If you're concerned that your shoes could damage your hard flooring, there are a number of things that you can do to improve how your hard flooring is protected. Instead of looking into just any type of floors and simply hoping for the best when wearing your shoes inside, consider the following tips so that your floors are better protected and don't show as much wear and tear:

Lay Down Extra Floor Rugs

Laying down rugs in your home can make a big difference in how much protection they have against wearing shoes inside. Many people don't realize that a run can protect against rocks and other grime getting on the floors, leading to them scuffing up the floors and lead you to needing to replace them. By placing area rugs in areas that are more frequently stepped on, you can make sure that your floors are better protected.

Switch to a Pair of Indoor-Only Shoes

Another way to make sure that your flooring is better protected is to prioritize wearing shoes designed specifically for indoors instead of your regular pair of shoes. If you're just somebody that wants their feet to be covered when walking around, indoor shoes will help protect your floors without the issues that can come with bringing your regular shoes inside. This can make sure that you have the comfort of shoes, but without bringing rocks and grime from outside that could damage your hardwood flooring. Prioritizing non-slip type of shoes will also be important since hardwood flooring can often be quite slippery.

Prioritize Durable Hardwood Floors

If you're still shopping for new floors and haven't had them installed yet, it's best to prioritize hardwood flooring that's durable and going to be sturdy against most grime. Some hardwood floors are more durable when it comes to small abrasions, making them a much better option for you if you're concerned with wear and tear and want your flooring to remain looking their best years later.

By taking your time looking into ways to better protector your hardwood flooring, you'll likely come across many ways to ensure that your shoes won't be an issue. If wearing shoes inside is a priority, consider the above tips so that your flooring is much better off and you can still enjoy wearing your indoor-only shoes. 


2 August 2017

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