How To Easily Make A Perfect Seam In Wall-To-Wall Carpet


If you need to patch a damaged section of your home's wall-to-wall carpeting, then you can make the repair yourself by seaming together two sections of carpet. For this DIY project you will need to use the following tools:

  • carpet row cutter tool
  • carpet gluing iron
  • a strip of carpet glue
  • a smooth carpet brayer

To properly make a professional seam in the carpet, follow this simple procedure:

Step 1: Heat Up Your Carpet Glue Iron

Since your glue iron will need a few minutes to heat up, plug it in while you are cutting the carpet sections.

Step 2: Cut Both Carpet Sections Using a Carpet Row Cutting Tool

While you may be tempted to turn your carpet sections over and cut them with a utility knife, this is never a good idea. Since carpet fibers are orientated in rows, it is important that you cut the carpet between two rows using the proper tool - a carpet row cutting tool. Measure the location of each cut and use the row cutter to cut the carpet. Place the cutting tool between two rows of carpet fibers and then slowly drag it across the carpet's backing to cut it. Cutting with the proper tool ensures there will not be any loose fibers or jagged edges and makes your seams look a lot more professional.

Step 3: Place the Glue Strip Between the Two Sections of Carpet and Heat It

Measure a section of glue strip that is the same length as the seam you are gluing. Set the strip on the floor and heat it using your iron. Make sure you heat the glue warm enough so that it melts but not too hot that it burns. If the glue iron moves easily along the glue strip, then it is hot enough.

Center each piece of carpet over the glue strip and use your smooth roller to adhere them to the glue strip. Using a smooth roller rather than one with spikes prevents damaging the carpet's delicate fibers. If you use a spiked roller, then the spikes will bring up glue from beneath the carpet and damage it.

Step 4: Place a Heavy Board or Weight On Top of the Seam Until the Glue Cools

Finally, once you have finished seaming the carpet together, then you should place a heavy board over the seam until the glue has cured. This will keep the seam flat and ensure both sections of carpet stay in place.

Contact a carpet company, like McSwain Carpets and Floors, for more help.


3 August 2017

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