4 Tips To Keep Your Hardwood Floors Looking Great


Hardwood floors are timeless and beautiful. You can find hardwood floors to match with any decor or style. Even if you tire of the style you choose now, you can sand them down and change the stain to match with your new decor if you choose. If you have hardwood floors, there are things you can do to maintain them to keep them looking great year after year. Read on for four tips to keep your hardwood floors in great shape.

Sweep Them Daily

Prevent dust and dirt from getting in between the floor planks by sweeping your floors daily to remove the debris. Use a broom and dustpan to remove the dust and dirt, and remember to get in the corners. Vacuuming can scratch or mar your hardwood floors, so using a broom is a better choice. If you have a vacuum that you can turn off the beater bar, then you can use a vacuum, but still use the broom in between vacuuming.

Prevent Scratches And Dents

To help prevent scratches and dents in your floors, make sure to move heavy furniture using slides at the bottom of the piece of furniture. Also, put pads on the bottom of the feet of chairs or barstools that move in and out often to prevent scratching. Dents can occur from heavy furniture, and having slides at the bottom all the time can help prevent these from occurring. Dropping heavy items on the floor can also cause dents, so be careful when you are carrying anything heavy around your home.

Remove Scratches And Dents

You will end up with scratches and dents over time. To help remove them, you can use a moist cloth and an iron to pull out the dent from the wood. Place the warm cloth on the dent and then hold the iron on the cloth for a few seconds. Repeat the steps until the dented area pulls out or is at least not as deep as it was. Deep scratches can be filled in with a stain marker or a brown wood crayon.

Renew Your Hardwoods

If you are ready to give your hardwood floors a new look or just to resurface your hardwoods, it can be a hard job. Sanding down the floors is a lot of work and one you may want to leave to a professional flooring technician. The floors will need to be sanded, any dents or deep scratches should be filled in, and once finished, the floors need to be cleaned and then finally stained. 

Hardwood floors are gorgeous and timeless, but in order to keep them in shape, you need to maintain them properly. When you are ready to resurface your floors, leave this work to a pro. For more information, reach out to a company such as Century Custom Hardwood Floor.


15 May 2019

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