3 Tips To Finding The Right Tile For Your Kitchen Floors


From replacing areas that were damaged or remodeling for appeal and function to building from the ground up, choosing the floors for your kitchen can be a bit overwhelming. Laminate, wood, and tile are the most common choices to consider. However, there are a large selection of products available in each of these categories. This guide will help you narrow down the choice when choosing kitchen tile flooring.

Consider the Tile Types

When you walk into a tile showroom or home improvement store, you will be overwhelmed by the different types of tile. While surprising to learn, all tile is NOT created equal, so understanding the types and their benefits is key before making your selection.

Ceramic tile is most popular because it is affordable and readily available in a variety of sizes and colors. Created out of clay, ceramic tile can be very durable and beautiful.

In most cases, ceramic tile will be either glazed or unglazed. Basically, unglazed ceramic tile, which is known as quarry tile, can be porous. Therefore, if you spill juice, wine, or even oil, your tile will most likely stain.

Of course, one benefit of quarry tile is its coarse surface. In a kitchen, where moisture can make the floors slippery, having the coarse quarry tile can be beneficial.

Porcelain tile is a great option because it is both durable and not as porous as quarry ceramic tile. Unfortunately, porcelain can be a bit more expensive.

Consider your Lifestyle

Most people spend a good portion of time in their kitchens. Therefore, having floors that stand up to the overall wear and tear over time is smart.

Avoid purchasing any tile that is labeled wall tile. Even though this tile may be made out of ceramic or porcelain, it is designed to use as a backsplash or surround – it is not designed to withstand the heavy weight and abuse of you and your family constantly walking on it.

Focus on purchasing floor tile only if you want your flooring to last for many years to come.

Consider the Tile Shapes and Colors

Once you decide on a material, you will begin selecting the shapes and colors for your tile. In most cases, all tile can be cut into different shapes and designs, so the tile can be installed in a way that suits the layout of your kitchen, but also your style and personality.

If you are concerned about dirt and stains, avoid light-colored beiges or cream-colored tiles. Focus on darker colors that hide dirt and debris well.


26 September 2019

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