3 Great Ways To Use Luxury Vinyl Flooring Products


If you love wood flooring but not the significant upkeep, you might be thinking about investing in luxury vinyl flooring products. Modern vinyl flooring is designed to mimic the color, texture, and installation of wood planks, offering much of the traditional character natural wood offers. However, vinyl flooring products are easy to install and last for much longer, without as much upkeep. Here are three great ways to use luxury vinyl flooring products. 

1. As An Accent Wall

If you love the look of wood walls, consider installing vinyl flooring directly to the wall. Unlike the vertical planks of yesteryear, many interior designers install planks horizonally, like shiplap. Wooden accent walls make offices and bedrooms feel warmer, and can even be used to blend spaces together or to set spaces apart. For instance, if you have a bedroom that has an adjacent office, wood paneling can be used to make the bedroom seem like a separate space. 

2. As A Ceiling Feature

For a look that really pops, consider adding vinyl flooring on the ceiling. Vinyl flooring can make the entire space feel warm and inviting, while adding color and interest to the rooms. Consider using hardwood vinyl planks to decorate the ceilings of bathrooms or craft areas. If you have an in-home business like a spa or aesthetics service, think about installing planks on the ceiling to give people something to look at while you take care of their facial or other service. Some people even choose to incorporate gorgeous light fixtures flowing from the wood planks, creating a truly luxurious space. 

3. In Bathrooms to Tie Flooring Together

Anytime you have a bathroom, you should opt for vinyl flooring instead of traditional wood. Vinyl luxury flooring is a completely waterproof product that won't be warped or damaged by drops of water. Additionally, these planks can be woven in with natural wood in the hall and then used exclusively in the bathroom, creating a waterproof area you are sure to love. 

When you choose vinyl flooring for bathroom areas, make sure you select a product that is designed to be 100% resistant to water and made for bathrooms. 

Remember, if you need new flooring, don't hesitate to start looking at your options. From deep walnut tones to gorgeous whitewashed varieties, you can find beautiful vinyl plank flooring that will look fantastic in your home regardless of what your budget may be. Talk to a flooring specialist, like KC Marble & Tile, in your are for more information. 


25 June 2020

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