The Best Flooring For Each Room In Your Home


The flooring you put in each room of your home will help set the tone for that room. You want the flooring you choose for each room in your home to stand up to the way that room is used while looking beautiful as well. Here are some suggestions for the best flooring material for each room in your home.

Kitchen & Utility Room

Your kitchen and utility room are both areas of your home that get a lot of foot traffic and are areas that should be easy to clean. For your kitchen and utility room, a sturdy but easy to clean material such as tile or hardwood floors are a great choice. If you are working with a budget, laminate flooring works well in these spaces too.


In your bathroom, you will want to go with a material that can withstand exposure to water. You don't want to have to worry about your floors getting damaged just because you drip water on them when you get out of the shower.

In your bathroom, tile material is a great choice. If you are on a tight budget, laminate flooring is another good choice. Your laminate flooring doesn't have to look old-school/ you could put down waterproof laminate flooring designed to look like wood flooring. Avoid actual wood flooring in your bathroom, as it will not stand up to the moisture that well.

Family & Living Room

Your family and living room are areas you want to look nice and feel functional. If you are interested in any type of hardwood floors, these two rooms are great candidates for hardwood. If you want a cozier living area, you could opt for a carpet instead. Carpet works best if you don't have indoor pets or allergy issues.


In your bedroom, you will want to go with a flooring option that is cozy and functionally, which is why carpet is still one of the best flooring materials for a bedroom. Carpet is warm and can be cushy on your bare feet and help provide thermal insulation for your bedroom. Carpeting is also great at sound-dampening, making your bedroom into a quieter place to sleep.

However, carpet is not great if allergies are a concern. Another great bedroom material is cork flooring. It is soft, warm on your feet, and provides a high insulation value while being an anti-allergy and anti-microbial material.


In your basement, you are going to want to keep things simple. Basements are prone to high levels of humidity, which rules out many flooring materials. With a cement floor, you can apply epoxy to the cement. Epoxy comes in many colors and textures, allowing you to create a unique design that will withstand the moist environment found in most basements.

When it comes to the flooring in your home, consider how you will use the space, how you want the space to feel, and how easy you want the flooring to take care of to help you choose the best material for each room in your home.


21 October 2020

Finding The Right Flooring

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