Kitchen Remodeling: What Floors Do You Want?


When you do your kitchen remodeling project, you can pick many flooring styles to meet your design and kitchen function needs best. The flooring matters because the right floors will last a long time and be easy to clean, while the wrong floors won't be able to hold up under pressure and might wear out much sooner than they should.

So, what floors are best for your kitchen remodel? Should you lean more towards floors that meet your budget or floors that are more trendy? The reality is, there are several types of floors that can meet your needs best and give your kitchen renovation the boost it needs. Here are flooring renovation ideas to consider for your kitchen.

Natural stone

Natural stone is an excellent flooring choice for your kitchen renovation, Natural stone is not only beautiful, but it's also durable and easy to clean. Some natural stone is more porous than others, making it harder to keep clean and less moisture-safe, so stick to harder natural stones for your kitchen remodeling flooring project. Marble and slate are both beautiful options for natural stone floors, although other options are available, from brick to travertine.


You can have hardwood in your kitchen if you want a more rustic, charming kitchen remodeling project done. Stick to hardwood floors that are designed for more humid areas to keep the floors as free of moisture as possible, and stay away from softer hardwoods entirely, like pine. Your hardwood in the kitchen can be a success if you have the wood treated and stained on the regular, to make it as clean and free of warping due to moisture damage as possible.


If you want a versatile kitchen that is relatively easy to keep clean, will maintain its beauty over time, is moisture-resistant, and hard to stain, then you want to consider vinyl flooring for your kitchen. Not all vinyl is equal in quality, so follow the advice of your kitchen remodeling specialist and choose the floors best for this project. Since vinyl can be made to mimic any other style of floor, including wood or stone, you can have your beautiful floors while still enjoying versatility, cost-effectiveness, and durability as well.

Whether you want to go with a natural stone for your kitchen remodeling flooring design or you have something more trendy in mind, you can have your needs met with the right kitchen flooring. Always have your kitchen remodeling project done professionally for the best results.


7 January 2021

Finding The Right Flooring

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