4 Compelling Reasons To Leave Hardwood Refinishing To Professionals


One of the leading reasons many homeowners prefer hardwood floors is due to their durability. Hardwood floors are also naturally appealing in both residential and commercial settings. However, over time, hardwood floors lose their luster. With hardwood refinishing services, you can restore their old luster and appeal, which is yet another reason to choose hardwood flooring.

Most people might think hardwood refinishing is an easy job that anyone can handle. This piece aims at highlighting a few reasons you should leave hardwood refinishing to professionals.

1. It Requires the Use of Heavy and Complicated Equipment

Refinishing hardwood involves the use of multiple tools to get the results you desire. One such heavy and complex tool would be the drum sander. It can be dangerous and intimidating to operate it without the necessary skills and experience.

Improper use of the edger or sander could easily cause more damage to the flooring and adjacent walls. Therefore, it's best to leave the equipment and the task to the professionals. Besides, the tools and equipment are expensive to acquire for a one-time project.

2. It Requires Proper Techniques and Handling

Quality hardwood refinishing demands the proper use of tools. You also have to understand how to get the right texture without damaging or scratching the floor. Watching a professional handle the sanding paper and equipment might trick you into thinking that the job is easy. Fortunately, a professional who has amassed years of experience refinishing hardwood should find it a relatively easy job. Due to their exposure, they will complete the project within no time.

3. It Requires the Right Sandpaper Selection

For the average individual, all sandpapers look almost the same, but they are not. Professionals pay attention to the finest details to figure out the type of sandpaper best suited for your hardwood flooring. For instance, sandpapers with fine-grit are best for light or upper layers of the hardwood floors.

Using rough grit on finer layers of the hardwood flooring could leave immense damage. It's best to leave the job to professionals to handle, as they know the appropriate sandpaper materials for the job.

4. It Could Leave Behind Detrimental Residual Dust

Unknown to most people, the residual dust amounting from the sanding effect could leave a mess. After sanding the floor, you need to clean the dust before staining the surface. Failure to clean the dust before staining the floor might result in an uneven surface. A professional is likely to remember these minor details because they have the skills and experience to handle the task.

If you had second thoughts about hiring a professional to handle the hardwood refinishing task, you might want to reconsider it. These are some top reasons to leave hardwood refinishing to professionals, like McSwain Carpets and Floors.


5 April 2021

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