5 Reasons Wood Flooring Is A Good Choice For Your Bedroom


If your bedroom needs a new floor, you may want to consider wood flooring. You have several options for bedroom flooring, so be sure to compare the pros and cons of each. Here's why wood flooring might be the right choice.

1. Wood Is Better Than Carpet If You Have Allergies

Carpet is the traditional flooring for bedrooms, but when you have allergies, a wood floor may be a better choice. Carpet holds dust mites and other allergens that cause your symptoms to flare. Your bedroom should have minimal things that trigger you since you spend so much time in the room sleeping. A wood floor doesn't have fibers that trap allergens. Plus, a wood floor is easy to dust and keep clean.

2. Wood Is Warmer And Softer Than Stone

Stone flooring is notoriously cold and hard. Wood is a warmer flooring material. It may still feel chilly on your feet in the winter, but it doesn't get as cold as stone or tile flooring does. Wood is also a little softer than stone, which could be important if you're at risk of falling and you want to avoid injuries as much as possible.

3. Wood Is Natural When Compared To Vinyl

Vinyl planks look like wood planks, but they're made of materials that might outgas. You can find vinyl planks made to outgas less, but the floor is still a synthetic material. If you want natural products in your home, wood flooring is a better choice than vinyl. Plus, wood flooring could last as long as your house, so it's a good investment.

4. Wood Won't Get Wet In Your Bedroom

If you love wood flooring, but you don't want to use it in other rooms of your home due to the risk of water damage, then your bedroom could be the safest place to have wood flooring installed. If your bedroom doesn't have a sink in it, then the chances of a water spill are low, so you'll get the chance to enjoy the beauty of a wood floor without having to worry about water damage. Plus, the risk of scratches and other damage could be lower too if you don't have kids or pets that roughhouse in your bedroom.

5. Wood Adds Glamour To Your Bedroom

If you're only putting wood flooring in your bedroom, you might want to splurge on exotic wood that gives your bedroom a luxury feel. Even if you choose a more common species of wood, your bedroom will have a classic or glamorous look depending on the species of wood you choose, the size of the planks, and the way the wood is installed.

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20 January 2022

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