Insight To Help Keep Your Hardwood Floors Shiny And Well-Maintained


Hardwood floors can give a classic and beautiful look to your home's interior, but they also require special care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Here are some tips to help you clean and maintain your hardwood floors. Prevent Damage One of the best ways to keep your hardwood floors looking their best is to clean them regularly to prevent damage. Damage can still occur from the claws of any pets in your home, accidentally dropping heavy or sharp items onto the floor, and scratches to the floor from sliding furniture, but regular cleaning can prevent additional damage.

28 August 2017

3 Great Types Of Hardwood Flooring


Upgrading your floor is often a matter of necessity as much as it is a matter of style. That is, your floor might be worn out and susceptible to water damage if you don't properly maintain it over the years. The fact of the matter is, floors are often the first thing that need to be upgraded in a home. But updating your flooring is also a great way to make your rooms look more modern.

18 August 2017

A Few Things To Know About Commercial Carpet Installation


Having carpet installed in your commercial building takes careful thought so the patterns line up and the seams are in the ideal location. Your carpet installers put in a lot of planning before the actual work even begins so the job will go as smoothly and quickly as possible. Here are a few important things to know about commercial carpet installation. Picking The Carpet There are several options in commercial carpet and two of the most important things to consider are pile density and color.

12 August 2017

Important Things To Know About Hardwood Floors


If your home has hardwood floors, you will need to have a fairly reasonable understanding of the needs of this type of flooring option. Yet, homeowners will often find themselves making mistakes that greatly compromise the appearance and integrity of the floor. Will Rugs Damage Your Hardwood Floors? There is a common assumption that placing rugs on hardwood flooring can cause considerable damage to them. Often, this belief is based on the idea that these rugs will scratch the floors or trap moisture against them.

11 August 2017

Hardwood Floor Myths That Can Discourage You From Opting For This Type Of Floor


Hardwood flooring is an aesthetically pleasing and affordable type of flooring that is suitable for both business and residential properties. Yet, common pieces of misinformation can contribute to people choosing other options, which may not be as affordable or as attractive. This makes correcting these ideas about hardwood flooring essential. Myth: Your New Wood Floors Will Be Extremely Susceptible To Becoming Scratched A common reason for individuals to avoid having hardwood floors installed is a fear of them becoming easily scratched.

9 August 2017

A Guide To Hardwood Sanding Methods


Refinishing hardwood floors can be done in a number of ways. Different hardwood dustless sanding techniques are appropriate for different situations and types of hardwood. A full "sand and stain" is the most comprehensive way to refinish hardwood. Alternatively, a "buff and stain" is a slightly quicker process. You can also just apply stain directly over your existing finish. This article explains the processes and results of each approach. It should help you determine which method will be the best for your property.

6 August 2017

The Hard Truth: Debunking 3 Common Myths Associated With Hardwood Floors


As a homeowner, you will most likely need to replace flooring at one point in time. Age and basic wear and tear can all wreak havoc on the floors of each room in your house. Unfortunately, selecting the best option for your home can be difficult due to the various options on the market. Considering an estimated 54 percent of buyers will pay more for a home with hardwoods, this flooring option is a smart investment.

4 August 2017