Important Things To Know About Hardwood Floors


If your home has hardwood floors, you will need to have a fairly reasonable understanding of the needs of this type of flooring option. Yet, homeowners will often find themselves making mistakes that greatly compromise the appearance and integrity of the floor.

Will Rugs Damage Your Hardwood Floors?

There is a common assumption that placing rugs on hardwood flooring can cause considerable damage to them. Often, this belief is based on the idea that these rugs will scratch the floors or trap moisture against them. While this is a possibility, it can easily be avoided by placing a protective pad on the underside of the rug. In addition to helping keep the floor safe from these issues, these pads are also often designed to prevent the rug from slipping, which can be an important safety benefit.

When Should You Refinish Your Floors?

There is a common assumption among many homeowners that hardwood floors will need to be regularly refinished. However, it should be noted that refinishing a hardwood floor is a major task, and it is typically only reserved for instances where the floors have suffered extensive damage or wear. In fact, if you follow the appropriate care steps for hardwood flooring, you will likely find that you may not need to have your floors refinished for many years.

Can Hardwood Be Used With Radiant Floor Heating Systems?

Ensuring that the interior of your home is a comfortable temperature is one of the most important things that you can do to keep the house a cozy place to be. During the winter months, radiant floor heating systems can be a very efficient way of supplementing the heat that is generated by the main heating system. Sadly, people often assume that hardwood floors will buckle if this type of heating system is installed. Yet, it is possible to design these systems to avoid damaging the hardwood. For example, it can be possible to place a protective pad that will absorb the most intense heat from this system before it reaches the wood. Also, you may be able to avoid this problem by lowering the temperature of your heating system.

Hardwood floors are durable and attractive flooring option that many people will have in their homes. Yet, failing to learn about the benefits and limits of this type of flooring can lead to some problems for your house. More precisely, knowing that rugs will not always cause damage to the hardwood floors, that refinishing the floors is only reserved for serious damage and the fact that these floors can accommodate radiant floor heating systems should help you to be informed about the various parts of your home.


11 August 2017

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