3 Great Types Of Hardwood Flooring


Upgrading your floor is often a matter of necessity as much as it is a matter of style. That is, your floor might be worn out and susceptible to water damage if you don't properly maintain it over the years. The fact of the matter is, floors are often the first thing that need to be upgraded in a home. But updating your flooring is also a great way to make your rooms look more modern. Hardwood is one of the most popular flooring options for residential properties. This article explains the difference between several types of hardwood flooring.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered floors is perhaps the most common type of hardwood, and the term can apply to many different types of flooring. Generally, an engineered floor is one that is made out of different types of wood that are glued together. This means that only the top layer of wood (that which is visible) is actually made out of real hardwood.

Engineered floors with hardwood tops aren't necessarily high maintenance products. You might need to refinish the surface every decade or so, but it is a very durable product when you consider everyday cleaning and maintenance requirements. If you want a lower maintenance floor, you want a laminated product.

Laminated Hardwood

However, there are also wood floors that have the same composite build, but then they have a laminated print on top. This means that the actual material that you're walking on is not wood, even though it has a wood print and all the layers underneath our wooden.

The advantage of a laminated hardwood floor is a low maintenance. The laminate finish does not need regular wood maintenance. It never needs to be stained, painted or refinished. This is a huge factor for many homeowners who don't want to waste their time and money keeping up their floor.

Solid Hardwood Floors

Another option to consider is solid hardwood. This means that the entire plank of wood is made out of the same piece of lumber. Solid hardwood is heavier, and usually has less flexibility, depending on what species of wood it is.

The biggest advantage of solid hardwood floors is that they are considered to be more luxurious and therefore add more value to the property.

No matter which type of hardwood you choose, you can add style and value to your property with a smartly chosen product. Work with contracting companies like J  Brothers Flooring to learn more.


18 August 2017

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