Time For New Flooring In Your Deli? 3 Reasons You Should Also Have Your Floor Drain Cleaned And Inspected


If you're going to be redoing the flooring in your deli, don't forget about the floor drain. You might not think you need it, but once you get busy making sandwiches, you'll be glad that you had the floor drain inspected before you put the new flooring down.You might not realize this, but your floor drain should be inspected and cleaned at least once a year. A well-working drain system can help prevent a wide variety of problems that you'll want to avoid in your deli. Here are just four of the reasons why you need a clean, properly functioning, floor drain, like those from Sani-Floor, in your deli.

Keeps Odors Away

When you run a deli, your floors can get quite dirty. Between the food that's accidentally dropped on the floor and the feet that are walking across it non-stop, it's going to get dirty. When you have a floor drain, you'll be able to wash all those odors right down the drain at the end of the night. However, if the drain isn't functioning properly, they can develop foul odors that will interrupt your business. You can eliminate those odors by ensuring that your floor drain is cleaned out at least once a year.

Reduces Pest Problems

You might not know this, but foul drain odors can attract pests, which is exactly what you don't want when you run a deli. Unfortunately, if your floor drains are dirty, pests are going to be attracted to the scent. They'll either come up through the drain, through your vents, or even through your front door, in search of the odors and the food. Cleaning your floor drains will keep the odors at bay, which will keep the pests away. Not only that, but once your drains are cleaned, pests will have a hard time climbing through them because they won't have anything to grab hold of while they're climbing.

Protects Against Flooding

When you're cleaning the floors after a long work day, the last thing you want is a flood in your kitchen. Unfortunately, if your floor drains are dirty, there's an increased risk of clogs, which increases the risk of floods in your kitchen area. Cleaning your floor drains will help keep the water flowing, which will reduce the risk of floods in your kitchen. Not only will the risk of floods be reduced, but your kitchen will stay cleaner because you'll be able to wash the floors the way you should.


29 November 2017

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