How To Clean And Maintain Concrete Floor Tiles


If you want to give your home a trendy industrial-inspired look, consider installing concrete floor tiles. As durable as they are attractive, cement flooring comes in a wide array of looks and will add instant appeal to your house.

Concrete, or cement, floor tile are available in several different colors, including both light and dark slate grey, white and even a silver tone. You can choose from large, smooth tiles for a minimalist warehouse look, or smaller, rectangular or square tiles featuring a textured finish. As another idea, mix up the look with a combination of rectangular and square concrete tiles to add visual interest to any room, such as a living room, bathroom or master bedroom.

Some concrete tiles are even made to resemble wood or brick flooring. You can also find them in unique designs, such as octagon, hexagon and circular shapes, depending on the type of mold used. 

Although concrete floor tile are known for being hardy, you'll still need to clean them on a regular basis to keep them looking their best. Protect your investment using these maintenance tips:


Once a day or more, depending on how much foot traffic your home gets, sweep up debris using a broom and dust pan. Small objects such as pebbles, dried mud and other things tracked in from outdoors can scratch the surfaces of the tiles. 

You can also go over the tiles with a microfiber mop to remove any dust, pet hair and dander. Also, wipe up any wet spills right away using a clean, absorbent cloth to avoid staining.

If your concrete tiles are polished and more prone to scratching, consider asking family members and guests to take their shoes off at the door to reduce the amount of debris tracked in. Placing mats at each entrance will catch dirt before it enters your home.


Wet-mopping the tiles on a weekly basis will give them a deep-cleaning and remove any hard-to-remove stains, such as dried food or mud. You can either use a warm water and gentle dish washing soap mixture, or a liquid cleaning solution designed specifically for concrete, along with a soft mop to clean the flooring.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals or any cleaners that are not pH neutral, such as bleach, ammonia, vinegar or citrus-based products, which can damage the concrete. If your concrete tiles are polished, you may need to re-polish them every few years to maintain their attractive shine. Contact a service, like Concreate, for more help.


19 April 2018

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