3 Ways Glass Shower Doors Make Bathrooms Feel Larger


Bathroom renovations can take your personal relaxation space from a drab, muggy room into a luxurious, accommodating masterpiece. Oftentimes, modern homeowners decide to replace old bathtubs and shower curtains with sleek glass shower doors. Here are three ways glass shower doors can make your bathroom feel larger than it really is.

1. Save Floorspace

Forget about thick wall enclosures and bulky cabinetry. One of the best things about glass shower doors is the fact that it can create a thin, yet strong, barrier between your shower and the rest of your bathroom. This frees up valuable floor space, helping you to have room to put in other fixtures. For instance, you may be able to enjoy a larger shower with an added seat, since you won't have to worry about installing thick walls fitted with tile.

When you consider glass shower enclosures, think about where you want to place the shower and how large you want the space to be. Plan space out after the existing shower has been removed since it could make it easier to see the available square footage and adjust the space accordingly. 

2. Open Up The View

One of the big perks of installing a glass shower door is the fact that it completely opens up the view to the inside of your shower. You can show off that gorgeous custom tile job, giving your room the illusion of added space. Since you can see into the shower quickly and easily, it can also make it easier to detect messes that need to be addressed as soon as possible and other things that need to be adjusted, making your space more functional. 

If you are concerned about allowing others to see inside the shower because of clutter, consider having your shower installer add built-in shelves to the wall where you can store shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. 

3. Create An Added Touch Of Shine

When your bathroom feels luxurious and glossy, it makes your space feel larger. Glass shower door enclosures are shiny and beautiful, and can be installed clear to the ceiling. This added touch of shine can give your space an upgraded appearance while also lending a unique, hotel-like feeling to your bathroom. 

If you don't like glossy surfaces as much or you desire a little extra privacy, you can also frost the glass in your bathroom with special vinyl films. Sometimes, people choose to install these films from the mid-point down, allowing light to pour into shower spaces while simultaneously boosting personal privacy.


3 June 2020

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