Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is An Ideal Choice For Your Kitchen Due To Its Beauty And Water Resistance


If you're renovating your kitchen, you're probably comparing types of flooring. You may know the look you want, such as wood planks or travertine tile, but a kitchen floor has other considerations since water damage is a potential threat. Luxury vinyl flooring could be a good choice. Here's why.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles Are Softer Than Stone

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you probably want a fairly soft floor under your feet. You can always put mats next to the stove or sink for cushioning, but you may not like the appearance of the rugs in your kitchen.

Luxury vinyl might look like travertine, granite, or marble flooring, but it's not as hard as stone. That makes it easier to stand for long periods in one place, and it also reduces the risk of dishes breaking if you drop them on the floor. Softer tiles are also quieter to walk on, and you might appreciate that if the sound of shoes clicking on the floor bothers you.

Vinyl Isn't Porous Like Stone

Another benefit of vinyl is that it isn't porous like granite and other stone or concrete flooring. Porous floors have to be sealed occasionally to keep water from seeping in and making stains. While you want to mop up water if you spill something on a luxury vinyl floor, vinyl resists water damage and staining.

You can even find waterproof vinyl flooring for the most protection from kitchen spills. If you want wood floors in your kitchen, luxury vinyl tile is a good alternative since it looks like wood but isn't damaged by liquid spills as easily.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Is Easy To Install

Vinyl flooring is so easy to install compared to wood flooring and stone tiles that you might be able to install the floor yourself and save money on your renovation. Depending on whether you install sheet, square tiles, or planks, the floor might be installed with glue, grout, clicking together, or by loose laying. Loose-lay vinyl sheet flooring and planks are the easiest to install since all you have to do is cut the flooring to fit and place it on the floor.

Luxury Vinyl Costs Less Than Wood Or Stone

Luxury vinyl flooring may be less expensive than hardwood or travertine stone, but you don't have to sacrifice appearance. Vinyl flooring comes in many different styles that replicate different types of stone and various species of wood. This allows you to choose the perfect floor for your kitchen at a lower cost than exotic wood or luxury stone.


1 September 2020

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