3 Ways To Install Timeless Hardwood Flooring


You can't go wrong with gorgeous hardwood flooring. With a natural ability to resist heat transfer, hardwood is a great insulator that feels comfortable underfoot. However, if you want to install hardwood floors without the temptation down the road to switch them out, there are some things you should remember. Here are three ways to install timeless hardwood flooring. 

1. Choose A Neutral-Toned Wood

Hardwood flooring trends tend to vacillate between cool-toned and warm-toned floors, while neutrals will always be in style. When you look for hardwood flooring, try to find a stain finish color that is more neutral than warm or cool, which means it contains even amounts of warm and cool pigments. 

Cool pigments tend to be on the blue or gray side, while warm tones can look red or orange. When wood is finished with a neutral stain color, it won't be easy to tell if it looks gray, blue, red, or orange. Selecting flooring with a neutral color will ensure that your floors look in style, regardless of what the trends are that year. 

2. Opt for a Traditional Design

There are thousands of different varieties of flooring out there, ranging from planks arranged in a herringbone design to varieties made in a bunch of different sizes that look reclaimed. While many of these styles may look great for years, they may fall out of favor eventually, which could leave you tempted to update your flooring again. 

If you want flooring that will look incredible after installation and stay beautiful for years, select traditional, straight, rectangular flooring planks arranged in a standard pattern. Avoid any design that looks overly intricate, as it may not look great for long. 

3. Hire Professional Installers 

When you want your flooring to be beautiful and stable, the last thing you'll want to do is risk installing it yourself. Improper installation can create undesirable lips and divots in your flooring and be prone to additional damage. For instance, if the planks aren't installed tightly together, they could allow water to penetrate the flooring, which could cause problems like warping and swelling. 

Anytime you get new flooring, invest in professional installation. Talk with installers about exactly what the process will entail, how long it will take, and how to take care of the finished flooring. 

Anytime you are thinking about installing hardwood floors, take the time to carefully explore as many options as possible. Check out different colors, sizes, and styles, and if you want something that looks like it has been in your home for years, consider distressed planks. The more research you do, the better.

For more information, contact a hardwood flooring contractor.


19 November 2020

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