Hardwood Flooring Is Great For Any Home


If it's time to replace your old, damaged, or outdated flooring, this is the opportunity to make a change. Or, if you just want to go a different way, then there are so many choices. Hardwood floor brings a lot of great things from a fabulous-looking floor to one that can stand up to nearly anything. Plus, hardwood floor works great for so many styles, which you'll learn more about here: 

A beach house

If you are going to be reflooring your beach house, then hardwood flooring might be just the thing you have been searching for. You can go with a lighter wood that comes close to giving the floor a sandy-colored appearance. This style of flooring will work great for this type of home. 

A cabin or ranch-style home

There really isn't a better type of flooring for a cabin or ranch-style home than hardwood. In fact, it is the type of flooring that people would expect to see when they walk into a cabin home. In order to select the hardwood that you want when flooring this type of home, you should match it to the other wood used throughout the home. Or, you can use the nearby forestry for inspiration. Plus, you will be able to have the floor stained to darken it a bit or change the coloring slightly, which means you can get the right look you are trying to achieve. These styles of homes commonly use planks of a medium width. 

A farmhouse

Similar to a cabin, people will often expect to see wood flooring inside of a farmhouse. However, the wood flooring that is used in a farmhouse will often be lighter than the flooring that's commonly used in a cabin home. A few examples of some common wood flooring options that are seen in these homes include whitewashed flooring or even a muted gray style. A lot of times the wood flooring that is used in a farmhouse will be wider width planks. Also, the wood used won't have a lot of knots and will have a more even coloring with less obvious mineral streaks. 

Modern architecture

Wood flooring even works well in a home with a modern architecture style. However, in this type of home, it is more common to see extremely dark hardwood floors that come as close as possible to being black. Sometimes a medium or dark gray wood floor will be used successfully as well. 


7 April 2021

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